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Hi Manfred,

The Sumatran orangutan is one of the most endangered animals in the world, with only about 6,000 individuals left. Recent forest fires mean there are now even fewer, but fires are not the major threat to this species.

Palm oil companies are destroying the apes' habitat, essentially guaranteeing the species' extinction. »

The Sumatran orangutan's forest habitat has been systematically cleared in the last ten years.

Next week, the Governor of Aceh decides whether to give PT Kallista Alam, a large palm oil company, permission to clear over 1,500 hectares of the orangutan's habitat.

The money being made from the destruction won't be going to the people of Sumatra either--most will end up in the pockets of PT Kallista Alam. 
Deforestation has got to stop now, or there won't be any orangutans left.

Ask the President of Indonesia to ensure the permit is denied. »

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Don't Let Palm Oil Destroy Orangutan Habitats
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